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Reveal your customers’


We help banks, fintechs, and financial intermediaries increase customer value by enriching their customers’ financial transaction data with our unique impact thematic APIs.

How it works

X-ray your customers’ money

We combine the best data sources on impact thematics with our proprietary quantitative methods to create unique APIs.

We make it easy for you to fully understand your customers’ impact and build products and services driving customer acquisition and retention.

screenshot of BeyondMoney API for a vendor like Amazon's climate and human rights performance

Select your theme(s).

Pick from a list of most relevant impact themes to start accessing API endpoints for vendors, products, and components.

Discover customer impact.

Start enriching your customers’ financial transactions data and unlock actionable insights for your teams.

Build product & services.

Use our APIs to create new product features and service offerings that will durably create value for your customers.

Impact Themes

Our Approach

End customers are increasingly aware that their day-to-day financial and purchasing decisions have the potential to influence organisations to go beyond business-as-usual. Our mission is to support organisations that realise that properly factoring in those impact considerations in their decision-making and products and services will support their growth and sustainability.

At the moment, our APIs focus on the following impact themes:

Climate Change & Environment

Human Rights

Wildlife starting 2023

Plastic Waste starting 2023

Our team has extensive experience in building successful scalable fintech products and developing innovative and award-winning analytics around climate change and environmental issues. We're excited to partner with forward-thinking fintech organisations.

Use Cases

Impact enrichment API use cases

Our APIs offer a fully data-driven solution to support your internal and external initiatives around climate / environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Support Your CSR Goals

Leverage unique data-driven and fact-based APIs to support and automate your compliance and voluntary reporting goals.


Build Product Features

Empower your product and engineering teams to build distinctive customer-facing features end users will love.


Benchmark Portfolios

Explore new data insights by identifying thematic clusters in your customer portfolios and benchmarking performance.

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